Plus 1 Project Services Limited was established in 2018, Plus 1 is a company established to serve the oil, gas, marine construction, civil engineering ,dredging industries and Procurement. Our most important aim and objective is to provide the required local content for such services within the oil and gas industry. Through fiscal responsibility and ethical practices, Plus 1 aims to offer high quality services and deliverables. What separates us from the competition is the attention to detail and personal attention that each client and each project receives Services.
Plus 1 Project Services Limited is a ‘’brew’’ of Engineering Experience, modern equipment and skilled man power. Plus 1 provides client with high quality project performance and management, this commitment is embedded in the company’s core values and has transformed the company.
Plus 1 conducts its business with proper consideration of stakeholders, the environment and local communities. From a small start up to a prominent indigenous Procurement consulting firm, Plus 1 Has engaged in complex projects for both public and private sector all over Nigeria and other African countries.
We provide our clients with financing solutions for the execution of their desired projects, we use different financing model like Deferred Payment Contract, Differential Mapping Zone Payment, Equipment lease Finance, Infrastructure Bond & Guarantee and Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), also we employ EDZ Mapping Technology.

Core Values

  1. Candour

    The quality of being open and honest is our motive

  2. Ethical

    We maintain a system of morale principle among our staffs and stake holders.

  3. Professionalism

    We use industry standard parameters to train our staffs and provide them with modern technology

  4. Team Work

    We provide an enabling environment for people to work in teams

Our Vision

To be an industry leader and provide our client with single Source of innovative solutions.

Our Mission

To inspire creativity and deliver excellent services to our client, by using modern technology and continuous training.

250Medical Equipments
320Construction Equipments
150Engineering Equipments
1100Marine Construction


Healthcare and Medical Ecommerce: Selling Online. Leverage medical ecommerce to deliver quality and sell medical supplies and pharmaceuticals online with ease. … Order templates, roles, authorizations, and unprecedented efficiency – Plus 1 Project Limited offers everything healthcare and medical.


Plus 1 Project Service Limited has carefully studied various fields from the perspective of total systemization, including traffic lines for people and cargo cars, material handling. To make maximum use of logistics in storage, transportation, or sorting/picking, we propose that our customers design or construct a logistic system, logistics center, and warehouse.


Marketing, sales, and service of equipment and wears that helps your business grow without compromise, equipment for medical and health sector, logistics of equipment, procurement. Because “good for the business” should also mean “good for the. Providing the Best SalesService and Support Available. Whether you are in or not.

Plus 1 Project Service LimitedBrief History of Our Company

March, 2017

We launched Plus 1 Project Service Limited and became one of the most trending e-commerce in Nigeria

February, 2018

Grew and started shipping huge medical equipments from abroad

February, 2018

Added large and small office equipment sales to our store

March, 2019

We became one of the leading E-commerce company in Nigeria