96 hole Serological plates



Serological Plates are ideal manufacture for serological dilution and other analyse
◎ Made from optically clear polystyrene to enable precise crystal visualization.
◎ Available with 2 well types of 48 and 96 wells
◎ 2 different bottom styles, fixed flat bottom and detachable flat bottom
◎ 8 or 12 wells strip and 48 or 96 well detachable frame are supplied in order to satisfy different sample quantity
◎ Surface treated to eliminate protein affinity
◎ Uniform, smooth and striation-free well surface to reduce error
◎ Wells are labeled with alphanumeric code for easy identification

Cat. No. Well Qty. Bottom Fittings Qty. per bag/case
SLP000096 96 Fixed 10/200
SLP001896 96 Detachable w8 strip x12 10/200
SLP010296 96 Detachable w12 strip x 8 10/200
SLP010248 48 Detachable, w12 sttrip x4 10/400
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