JK-ABA-17 Automatic Biochemical Analyzer




JK-ABA-17 Automatic Biochemical Analyzer

◎ Features: Computer control the machine, a large LCD display, keyboard, WINDOWS interface.

◎ Test method: Absorbance method, end-point method with a factor, end-point method non-linear, continuous monitoring method (Kinetic),fixed-time method (two-point method). Optional items can be tested, the combination of project tasks such as testing and testing flexibility. Peristaltic pump with automatic suction flow colorimetric cell-like, nesting. Automatic zero, calibration, operation, automatically display, prints accurate and reliable.

◎ Performance Parameters:

 Display: 15-inch color TFT LCD;

 Wavelength Selection: Automatic, built-in 8-bit interference filters, wavelength 340 ~ 630nm

 Metering range: 0 ~ 3.0A;

 Light source: 12V20W halogen lamps, long life

 Stability ± 0.003A / h (510nm Department, a half-hour warm-up) cross-contamination rate is not greater than 2%;

 Colorimetric cell volume: 33μl injection volume 200μl min

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