JK-EA-2000 Electrolyte Analyzer




JK-EA-2000  Electrolyte Analyzer



  • direct measurement of ion-selective electrode.
  • solenoid valve control gas and liquid segments rinse thoroughly, clean lines, easy to plug.
  • automatic tracking state electrodes, eliminating the problem of electrode drift.
  • transparent electrode chamber, easier to observe.
  • two-parameter calibration, sample measurement is more accurate.
  • ad hoc quality control testing and quality control statistics, easy to use.
  • specific reagents to be completed by the determination of total calcium.
  • low reagent consumption, lower cost of test.


Technical parameters:

Test project: K +, Na +, Cl-, Ca + +, PH

Measuring method:  ion selective electrode (ISE) direct method.

Sample  type: whole blood, plasma, serum. Sample volume: 100uL.

Rinse way:  through the solenoid valve for gas-liquid segmented fast rinse electrode thoroughly cleaning pipes, clogging.

Measurement time: less than 1 minute (depending on the balance of time

measurement, including drawing, washing and printing).

Display: large screen, full Chinese display, human-computer dialogue.

Printer: Built-in high-speed low-noise thermal printer.

Interface: Standard RS232 interface for connecting central computer.

Ambient temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity: ≤ 85%.

Power Requirements: ~ 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1Hz.

24 hours of continuous power, with self-diagnostic features, at any time for sample testing.

Single / dual-point automatic calibration and quality control data can be handled.

Measurement range and accuracy: CV of blood-resolution K + 0.5-15mmol / L 0.01mmol / L ≤ 1% Na + 30-200mmol / L 0.01mmol / L ≤ 1% Cl-30-200mmol / L 0.1mmol / L ≤ 1% Ca + + 0.1-5.0mmol / L 0.01mmol / L ≤ 2% PH 4.0-9.0 0.01 ≤ 1%

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