JK-MI-50 Medical Incinerator


Product Description:

It is suitable for the health sector, farm, blood station, epidemic prevention station, surgical waste in hospital and viral material.

Types of medical waste incinerated: disposable syringe, infusion set, cotton yarn, some materials used in the operating room , stump, rubber gloves, dumped protective clothing and sickbed supplies which are infectious and hazardous

Main features:

It has been assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of ISO9001 and 14000.

With Italian fuel injection system

Automatically control system, digital display

Time set, automatically incinerate and ignite

Vacuum burning, fuel is diesel fuel

Can meet the requirements of the national environmental protection standard.

Low failure rate, low maintenance and running cost

Technical parameter:

Model Capacity Fuel Sampling Methods Power Power Supply
JK-MI-10 10Kg/H Diesel fuel Automatically 700W 220V/50HZ
JK-MI-20 20Kg/H Diesel fuel Automatically 900W 220V/50HZ
JK-MI-30 30Kg/H Diesel fuel Automatically 1100W 220V/50HZ
JK-MI-50 50Kg/H Diesel fuel Automatically 1800W 220V/50HZ

Basic Configuration

Furnace: 1 set (steel furnace, refractories, insulation materials)

Dust collector: 1 set

Exhaust pipe: 1 set

Oil Pump: 1 unit

Fan: 1 set

Italian importing fuel injection system: 1 set

Carbon steel storage tank: 1 unit

Carbon steel chimney: 1 set

Carbon steel flue: 1 set

Automatically control system: 1 set

Safety equipment: 1 set (including the burner safety devices, lightning protection safety devices, etc.)

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