JK-MSH-Pro-120W Digital Overhead Stirrer



Accurate stirring speed control: The control technology effectively guarantees the speed precision.

LCD real-time display: Setting value and actual value can be displayed. Real-time monitoring torque and speed via LCD display.

Overload protection: Motor would automatically stop in case of continuous overload.

Anti-spill samples: PC control system starts up smoothly, prevent samples overflow.

Setting safety circuit: Automatically cut off the circuit when motor overheating and other exceptional circumstances, make sure using security.

Extended application: PC can control and document all measuring values via RS232 interface. Parameter can be set to carry out safety monitoring.


Max. stirring quantity(H2O):40 L;

Motor rating input: 120 W;

Motor rating output: 100 W;

Speed range: 50-2200 rpm;

Speed display accuracy,:±3 rpm;

Speed display: LCD;

Speed display resolution: rpm 1;

Max. torque:60 Ncm;

Torque display: LCD;

Overload protection :LED light flash, auto stop;

Motor protect: LED light flash, auto stop;

Viscosity max. mPas: 50000;

Chuck range diameter: 0.5-13 mm;

Rod size, dia.xl: 14×220 mm;

Dimension, WxHxD: 300x200x780 mm;

Weight:2.4 kg;

Vlotage: VAC 100-240;

Frequency: 50/60 Hz;

Power: 130 W;

Protection class acc. to DIN/EN 60529: IP42;


Permission relative humidity:80%;

Remote control(RS232 interface): yes

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