JK-MSH-Pro-4X 4-position Heavy-Duty Stirrer



Designed for a variety of cell culture applications and for use with suspension culture flasks.It feature a fixed electromagnet for making the magnetic agitator blade  in culture flask rotate.It increased efficiency and a smooth-running DC motor that provides uniform speed while reducing heat transfer to the medium. It is ideal for cell culture applications requiring exceptionally slow speeds, gentle mixing, and low heat transfer. The gradual stop rotation facilitates bead and cell attachment by allowing cells to settle and attach and to draw off and replenish any spent media. There are three computer-controlled modes of operation:

1.Constant speed mode,a soft start to a constant stirring speed,the mode is  useful for suspension cultures

2.Interval start mode  which can be used for attaching cells to microcarrier beads. This mode turns the stirrer on and off using the soft start and stop for a number of cycles, after which the stirrer runs at a constant speed which may differ from the speed used to attach cells.The two-speed stirring mode, also useful for microcarrier applications, slowly starts to a set speed, holds the speed for a user-defined period, and then softly changes to a final constant speed.


No. of Positions: 4 ;

Speed Range: 5-200 RPM ;

Maxi.size of culture flask: 3L

Dimensions:(H XW XL)44x 33 x 7 cm

Weight:4.5 kg ;

Rated Power :15W ;

Electrical: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

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