JK-PSPS-18L Stainless Steel Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer / sterilizer


Technical parameter:
Sterilization Temperature: 126 ~ 129 ℃
Capacity: 18L
Heat Source: Coal, Electricity
Power Supply: 220V±10% 50Hz
Power: 2kva
The series of sterilizer sterilize to medical equipment, dressings, soup, glassware and other equipment through pressor saturated steam. Have these features of excellent effect, easy to operate, safe, reliable, portable and convenient. Suitable for general small medical and experimental unit to use. Features: principal part and cover is made of high quality aluminum alloy, disinfection barrel is made of aluminium sheet.Total weight is not more than 12 kg.The diameter of the disinfection barrel is 28cm,height is 25cm,volume is 18 liter. Safety valve whose working pressure is 0.14Mpa is placed on the cover of the sterilizer,has reliable performance.Equiped with three-scale pressure gauge, release valve, diesel carbon furnace to heat. Usage: Placed the items to be sterilized on the sieve plate of the disinfection barrel which to be properly wrapped up, orderly, left space in between. This will help steam to penetrate and improve the sterilization effect.
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