JK-SABA-658 Semi-Automatic Biochemical Analyzer




JK-SABA-658  Semi-Automatic Biochemical Analyzer

   JK-SABA-658 Semi-automatic biochemical analyzer uses high-intensity cold light source consisting of splitters. Main characteristic is light, long life, highly reliable, low running costs of the equipment, economical and practical. The use of Chinese user interface, step by step Chinese prompts ,the user is easy to operate.

Measurement: end-point method, coefficient method, line measurement method, absorbance measurement point method.

Results Print: built-in thermal printer can print real-time measurements and comprehensive printed in English and one laboratory report.

Data Storage: 200 project parameters, 3000 measurement results

Wavelength range: 405,505,546,578,620 (nm) optional

Measurements: 200 project parameters, reagents completely open

Display: large screen, high brightness, large view field angle of the LCD screen, a full Chinese menu, simple operation

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