JK-SI Colony Counter


JK-SI  Colony Counter

Colony CounterIs a digital display-style semi-automatic bacteriological testing equipment.It consist by Counter, ground pen, part count pools.Counter using CMOS integrated circuit designed inside, LED digital display.the display high 16mm, clear and bright. With the special probe pen, sensitive and accurate count.Dark background of type count pool depth, using energy-saving circular fluorescent lighting and other side of the shoot, clear contrast colony.The surface of a certain inclination, to facilitate observation.This equipment can reduce the labor intensity of laboratory personnel. Improve work efficiency, improve the quality of work.

Widely used in food, beverages, pharmaceuticals; biological materials, cosmetics, hygiene products, water, sewage, industrial sewage, bacteria testing of clinical specimens. All levels of health and epidemic prevention stations, environmental monitoring, food hygiene, supervision and inspection, hospitals, biological products, which, Institute for Drug Control, Commodity Inspection Bureau, food factory, beverage factory, cosmetics factory, daily chemical plants and universities, research institutes test room essential equipment.

Technical parameters:

  1. Counter-capacity :0-999
  2. LED display window-height: 16mm
  3. Light lamp power: 16W
  4. Total power: less than 20W
  5. Supply voltage: 220V, 50Hz
  6. Volume: 200 × 270 × 70mm

7.Weight: 1.5KG

Inspection procedures in accordance with the provisions of bacterial counts, a dish in the number of colony growth more than 300, should redo the test sample diluted to ensure the accuracy of counting. It is time, this instrument is designed to three digits.

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