JK-UTS-1VG Urine Test Strips (20 Bottle Pack)




JK-UTS-1VG  Urine Test Strips (20 Bottle Pack)


There are several notes with the test strip:

1, test, remove the test strip after opening the lid to quickly cover the bottle, and then test. This is to prevent exposure to the air strip for too long, damp and affect accuracy.

2, connected with a cup of urine after the urine test, the direct use of urine dipstick method should not shower uneven response.

3, the test strip with a small box at one end dipped into the urine, 2 seconds, out along the edge of the cup of urine to remove excess urine, flat on the rim of the glass, in 30-60 seconds, this time to observe than the color. More than two minutes after the test strip changes color has no meaning.

4, on the day the test, facing the window to see the natural light strips, is the right way, in the bathroom or the night light color is inconsistent.

5, open a bottle with a bottle of strips, not after all open to the receipt of the trial. This paragraph does not open strip shelf life 24 months after opening recommended used within 3 months.

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