JK-XDTJ-1203G Ionogram Analyzer




JK-XDTJ-1203G  Ionogram Analyzer

Standard 12-lead ECG

12-lead acquisition mode synchronous acquisition

Acquisition accuracy 32-bit / 1000HZ

Recording mode automatic mode, manual mode, compression mode for 60 seconds

Machine work status LCD display, heart rate

Floating input mode and defibrillator protection

Input impedance> 50MΩ

Patient leakage current <10uA

Input loop current ≦ 0.1uA

Calibration voltage 1mV ± 2%

Output voltage 0.5V / mV ± 5%

A / D converter 12bit

Frequency response 0.05 ~ 150Hz

Time constant> 3.2s

CMRR> 80dB

(CMRR)> 100DB (plus AC filter)

EMG interference filter 35Hz (-3dB) / 25HZ (-3dB)

Standard sensitivity 10mm/mV ± 0.2mm/mv

Sensitivity Select 5 \ 10 \ 20mm/mV, conversion error ± 5%

Voltage of ± 400 mV polarization resistance

Noise level ≦ 15uVp-p

Power source ac: 220V, 50Hz, 15VA

Dc: 12V rechargeable battery

Safety class IEC I type CF Type

Hot recording array printing system

Paper speed 5,10,12.5,25,50 mm / s ± 3%

Recording Paper Size :80mm

Dimensions: 285mm * 200mm * 50mm

Net weight :2.2kg

GW: 4.0KG

Size: 400 * 325 * 230MM

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