Modular Laboratory Benches




Modular Laboratory Benches

1) the sample means: a randomized into the sample position, ready for testing;

 2) The resulting output: display and print the sample number (serial number), Wilcoxon method test results and the whole process of ESR curve, detection time and temperature; when the detection time is 60 minutes, can automatically calculate, display and print the Katz index;

 3) The instrument has a select temperature compensation.

4) The instrument can store no less than 150 samples of the test results, including sample number (serial number), erythrocyte sedimentation rate value and the dynamic curve;

5) power protection, power failure, automatically save the completed testing of the test results;

6) The preparation of built-in thermal printer apparatus with automatic and manual printing selection function;

7) Operation interface: membrane keyboard;

8) Communication interface: RS-232 serial interface

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