JK-HTS-A Head Three Stethoscope




JK-HTS-A  Head Three Stethoscope


Main materials  Steel, Plastic Pipe, Spring.

Technical Parameters

: 100-500Hz frequency response curve to test the sound source as the base. Attenuation greater than 12dB, in the 500-1000Hz is not greater than 20dB.

Spring hardness: HR15N82.9-88.4.

Earrings Stretch: Sierra ears open 140mm, elastic value 1.372-1.960N.

Earrings flexibility: Sierra ears open 300mm, 1 minute response, distortion is not greater than 10mm.

Catheter length: from tee to auscultation head length 50cm.

Flat auscultation head diameter: 36mm.

Bell auscultation head diameter: 24mm.

Table-type stethoscope head diameter: 40mm.


Pulse amplified sound, easy to doctors to diagnose. Auscultation human heart, lung, veins and other organs of sound change. Auscultation head through the sound vibration, transmitted to the surveyor’s ear to distinguish sound and effective change.

Product Configuration

The three models use stethoscope, configuration a Auscultation head, a bell-shaped head and a Table type head.

Auscultation head often use in flat noise profile.

Bell auscultation head and often used in low-noise.

Table type commonly used in auscultation the first sound pulse of the wrist.


1, listen to the first use of hot forging die made of high tissue density, there will be no sand-hole, propagation of sound clarity.

2, listen to the first ring and cover with CNC lathe, high precision with precision, no noise when auscultation.

3, hose connections and listening to the first spin-hoop buckle bag connected to prevent sound leakage.


Note: You can hear the bell first auscultation unborn baby’s heartbeat (fetal heart tones).

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