JK-MS-1005 Multifunction Stethoscope




 Main materials Steel, Plastic Pipe, Spring.

 Technical Parameters100-500Hz frequency response curve to test the sound source as the base. Attenuation greater than 12dB, in the 500-1000Hz is not greater than 20dB.

 Spring hardness: HR15N82.9-88.4.

 Earrings Stretch: Sierra ears open 140mm, elastic value 1.372-1.960N.

 Earrings flexibility: Sierra ears open 300mm, 1 minute response, distortion is not   greater than 10mm.

 Large Flat Head Diameter listen: 45mm. Trumpet listen Flat Head Diameter: 30mm.

 Large bell-shaped head diameter to listen: 34mm in diameter, No. bell-shaped head to listen: 25mm

 Small bell-shaped head to listen diameter: 20mm tube length: 58cm 


 Used to auscultation of the heart, lungs, veins and other organs of sound change:

 Cardiovascular, can be used to listen to heart rate, heart sounds, murmurs and other blood vessels.

 Respiratory system, the lungs can be used to listen to breath sounds, determine the lung lesions.

 Blood pressure when used to amplify the pulse of sound, ease of medical diagnosis.

 Also can be use to auscultation of fetal heart sounds.


1. Auscultation configuration includes double-sided flat head, large, medium and small size of the bell-shaped auscultation head.

2 This product is designed to general-purpose. Three different sizes of bell-shaped head auscultation, auscultation can be attached to the flat-sided head of large and small two diaphragm, which form a complete unit, a total of five different conversion methods to meet various needs:

A. Double flat head is used to detect low-frequency heart sounds to listen to, the expansion of voice and third heart sound and the first and second heart sound. Issue of high-quality heart murmur (buzz) can snoop into. Small children face can be inquired into high-quality natural heart sounds.

B. large bell-shaped head can be fine to listen to listen to low-diagnosed, heart sounds and buzz in sound quality.

C. Medium bell-shaped head set to listen for narrow areas, such as the ribs from time to time other narrow position listen to patient is low, the sound heart sounds and buzz.

D. Small bell-shaped head and listen for sound check heart sounds in infants and children with low emitted buzz, especially sensitive. Also you can hear her unborn child’s heartbeat (fetal heart tones).

Combination of the above package is perfect for its very high sensitivity will enable you to clearly distinguish between low, medium tone, you hear very easily the weakest hum hum.


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