JK-SABA-460 Semi-Automatic Biochemical Analyzer (Chinese Five-Wavelength)




JK-SABA-460  Semi-Automatic Biochemical Analyzer (Chinese Five-Wavelength)

This product is suitable for biochemical analysis at all levels of hospital clinical testing, drug testing and other analysis, is the most cost-effective a semi-automatic analyzer.


       ◆ Wavelength range: 405nm-620nm;

       ◆ Standard: 405nm, 505nm, 546nm, 578nm, 620nm

       ◆ absorbance range :0.000-2 .000 ABS;

       ◆ Resolution: 0.001ABS;

       ◆ linearity error: 1ABS of ≤ 0.5%;

       ◆ Cross-contamination: ≤ 2%;

       ◆ into the fluid volume: 500ul-2000ul

       ◆ Precision: CV ≤ 1%

       ◆ Colorimetric system: quartz colorimetric flow system

       ◆ Compensation stepping softly moving pumps: can greatly reduce cross-contamination

       ◆ Power Supply: AC220V, 50Hz

       ◆ Size: 400 × 400 × 200mm

       ◆ Weight: 9kg

     Functions and features:

       ◆ built-in miniature thermal Chinese printing system.

       ◆ Plastic streamlined design.

       ◆ the use of domestic import open reagent.

       ◆ smoke-like instrument that automatically, nesting, testing, storage.

       ◆ large screen, high-brightness LCD with backlight LCD screen, the blue film was negative.

       ◆ the use of narrow-band separation, without having to filter pollution, aging tests are                   not allowed to worry.

       ◆the use of end-point method, the factor method, two-point method, absorbance measurements different fixed-point measurement mode.

       ◆ Single-chip control interface to all prompts Chinese characters, truly a man-machine conversation function.

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